The Southwest Way

Contributed by: Jennifer Riley

I have bought materials from other manufacturers, but you guys are my favorite people to deal with. Even when you have price increases that you can’t help, I still pay the difference so I can do business with YOUR people.
— Returning Southwest Customer
“Southwest Metal Systems is not your ordinary business on the street. I started working for the company over 2 years ago. From the very beginning, the owner, Adam Steck, has set a high standard for the team members to make sure the customer is being “served” and the material comes out of the shop to the customer’s approval.

He instills solid values into his team. Our company’s purpose is “Honor God, Build Dreams, Spread Joy”. For Adam, it’s about more than reaching a sales quota. It’s about more than metal. It’s an opportunity to build relationships, make a difference, and build someone’s dream. He pours his heart into each team member. The customers feel taken care of because the team is taken care of.”
— Jennifer, Team Member

 We manufacture our materials in-house, we guide you through the entire process, and you're left with a quality metal building that will last a lifetime.