A Residential Shop Combination

Contributed by: Johnny Kerby, Project Manager

A metal building can be the biggest asset on your property. We believe in quality work for a quality investment. Our Project Managers bring decades of experience to the table when erecting your facility. They are there to insure you are handed the keys to a building you're proud to own.

This metal building is a 40' x 60' x 20' weld-up with a 3:12 roof pitch. It includes 26 gauge, 40-year limited warranty roof, wall & trim sheets. The owner chose Burnished Slate walls and Crimson Red trim, gutters and downspouts. These sheets have a 90 mph wind load. This residential shop combination includes:

For a quote or to learn more, contact us 1-888-234-BARN.

For a quote or to learn more, contact us 1-888-234-BARN.

1 - 8x8 garage door

1 - 16x10 garage door

1 - Walk door

8 - 3x4 windows on upper floor

3 - 3x5 windows on lower floor

1 - 3x3 window (over sink)

1 - 3x1 window in shower

Renfro MB5.png

Are you preparing to build a metal building with living quarters?

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