Our concrete-building-erect service is for people looking for one person to deal with in the building process.

When you think of big purchases in life, steel buildings rank at the top of the list. You will spend countless hours in your building every week. We want to ensure your building exceeds your expectations and brings a smile to your face every time you open the door.

In order to do that, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Where are you looking to build?

We are headquartered in Mineola, Texas with Project Managers in the East Texas and North DFW area. Therefore, we are able to offer concrete-building-erect services in and around these areas.  The following map highlights the counties where we provide this service.

If you are looking to build a steel building outside our service area, we can manufacture and ship a customized building kit to be erected by a local contractor of your choice. 

(See our Building Only page for more information on a pre-engineered bolt up steel building.)

 What size building are you looking to build? 

We specialize in barns and buildings over 1,200 sq ft (30 x 40). If you’re looking to build under 1,200 sq ft there are other cost-effective options. 

We would be happy to provide you with a pre-engineered do-it-yourself kit or point you in the direction of contractors that specialize in smaller building sizes.

(See our Building Only page for more information.)

 Is your design rigid or flexible?

Steel building construction is unique. Unlike wood, there are limitations on where you can put things like windows and doors. The value in using a steel building is working with these limitations rather than trying to modify a steel building around the wood frame design. When you force one to look like the other you end up spending more money.

You will gain the most value on a steel building when you bring a flexible mindset to the table.

Our Project Managers know how to utilize the best of both elements and will bring them together in harmony. This will allow you to accomplish the utility purpose plus the dream behind your project at the same time.

It doesn’t have to be stressful. Choose Southwest Steel Buildings and build with confidence!

This downloadable color chart is only an electronic version of our color selection that will display differently between devices. It should not be used for final color selections. Contact us for color samples to make your final color selection.