Looking for a beautiful metal roof line?

Southwest Metal Systems' roofing holds up to the most stringent testing UL has for metal roofing panels. All of our metal roofing is rated UL 2218 Class 4 for impact resistance and homeowners are encouraged to install this class of metal roofing by most insurance companies.

Save energy and money when you install a Cool Metal Roof by Southwest Metal Systems. The Cool Metal Roofing Coalition published a report finding that "Lightly colored, more reflective roofs save up to 40% in cooling energy." The SR formulations are designed to meet ENERGY STAR guidelines for steep slope roofs, which means they can decrease the amount of energy to cool the building. 

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We do not install metal roofing, but we know great contractors that do!

Give us a call and we'll help you order your roofing material and connect you with an installer!