We Build the Building. You Keep Your Sanity.

I enjoy seeing something go from a sketch on the back of a napkin to reality. Whether we do that for a customer or help a contractor do that with their customer, that brings me joy.
— Adam Steck, President & CEO

Where are you looking to build?

We are headquartered in Mineola, Texas with Project Managers in the East Texas and North DFW area. Therefore, we are able to offer turn-key, concrete-building-erect services in and around these areas. The map highlights the counties where we provide turn-key services.

If you are looking to build a steel building outside this turn-key service area, we can manufacture and ship a customized building kit to be erected by a local contractor of your choice. 

(See our Building Only page for more information on a pre-engineered bolt up steel building.)

What size building are you looking to build? 

We specialize in barns and buildings over 1,200 sq ft (30 x 40). If you’re looking to build under 1,200 sq ft there are other cost-effective options. We would be happy to provide you with a pre-engineered do-it-yourself kit or point you in the direction of contractors that specialize in smaller building sizes. (See our Building Only page for more information.)

Our Building Designs

30’ x 40’ to 40’ x 50’

40’ x 50’ to 60’ x 100’

60’ x 100’ and beyond

Raised Center Aisle to Event Arenas


Looking to build a Barndominium?

We can provide the metal shell, but all interior and wood finish out work will have to be completed by another contractor.

Front view 2.jpg

Barndominiums have become the buzz word in recent years.

But there's a myth that says they are always less expensive than traditional wood framing. This isn't true. What most are calling a Barndominium is simply a steel building with living quarters.

We've found 3 ways you can get the most value out of a steel building with living quarters. Click the button below to find out how!


The first step is to start the conversation with us. We want to help you build with confidence and avoid navigating the process alone.

I’m very picky on everything. The reason I went with Southwest was Johnny. He cared about this building the same way I cared about it.
— David Cook