Straight Gable Buildings

Do You Prefer the Straight Gable Style?

Gibson Hay Barn.jpg

One of the best features about our Straight Gable Barn is the price. These conventional barns are designed in the classic gable style and feature a traditional roof line. They are also easily customized.

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This is a 50 x 50 x 14 Hay Barn with a 3/12 roof pitch. It includes one sliding door on the end wall and 8 stall windows with screens. The customer chose to have wainscot on each side of the sliding door and a 30" x 30" cupola.

This hay barn is ash gray with black trim and a galvanized roof.


Because we manufacture our materials in-house, your straight gable barn can be customized to your personal taste and preferences. We would love for you to come by our office at either of our locations or get in contact with one of our Project Managers to learn more. To be connected with a Project Manager in your area, please click the button below!