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  Faster Quotes. Smoother Ordering. Anytime Access

Are you a metal building or roofing contractor interested in fast and accurate quotes?

Do you wish you could verify a trim color or profile from an order last year?

Have you ever needed to place an order or check your balance at 9:00pm?

Then is right for you!

What is

Menu options.jpg is a proprietary online platform developed by Southwest Metal Systems to streamline order entry and fulfillment flow.

We created as a result of an internal breakdown of not being able to process orders efficiently.  We didn’t have absolute certainty that we could fulfill our lead times. If we gave a customer a 3-day lead time we had no way of knowing if their order would be ready for pick up in 3 days. And that was not acceptable. We don’t want our customers waiting at the loading gate for an order that isn’t ready.

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And we know that you don’t either. One of our goals as a company is to make the process as simple as possible for you so you can spend your time better serving your customers.

What started as a quest for internal transparency, turned into a way for you to have fast response time, high customer service, and clear communication as to the status of an order.

Plus you automatically save 1% when you place an order through, and have the option of an additional 2% off when you pay for the order within 24 hours!

Our customers save an average of $218 an hour for the orders they place on!


Custom Trim 1.PNG Allows You To:

  • Create and Save Component Quotes

  • Turn Quotes Into Orders

  • Create and Price Custom Trims

  • Track Your Order Status

  • Download Order Documents

  • See Payment History



And it's all available at your convenience. Now, you are free to do quoting in your off time, not your prime time. You don’t have to wait for someone in the office to return your call.


Order status.PNG contains all our pick up and delivery options. When you hit place on an order, you will see when the order will be ready and further pick up/delivery options.



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If your customer changes their mind on color or panel size, you can easily go back and modify your quote. Not sure what options we offer? Just simply pick a color and all our options for that color are listed below.



Also, If you select an item like glass for a walk door, it will flag you letting you know this is a custom order and may take longer to deliver so you can better plan for your project.                                                                            


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We created to provide you with the best information of where your order is in the process so you can spend more time serving your customers.


Where else can you go for full transparency plus earn an average of $218 an hour for the orders you've placed?


Here’s what other users are saying about the program: is a very useful tool that helps me run my business giving me the ability to quickly respond to my customers. Having 24/7 access give me the ability to do what I do best and serve my customers during normal business hours. gives me the ability to not waste my prime daylight hours chasing down quotes, checking on order statuses, and making payments. This is especially helpful since I am a full-time firefighter and building is only part-time. One of the neatest things is every time I log on, I see how much I saved by taking advantage of the discounts available only through the online system.
- Andrew F., C4FWelding
I have been using for over 2 years now. It was very easy to learn and it gives me an edge when doing quotes for customers. I feel more confident in my quotes and my orders because I can see exactly what I am trying to do. There is no other person involved which eliminates chances for error or misunderstandings like I have experienced with other companies. I have never had an error or a misunderstanding with I also like the discount that comes with using the site. Any time I have had a question about the site, I have been given excellent service and answers from the staff at Southwest Metal Systems.
- Rick S., Top Notch Supply

Call 903-569-8811 and ask for Melissa to get set up today!