The Golf Car Ranch Testimonial

Contributed by: Jennifer Riley

Steve and Sandy celebrated the Grand Opening of their new facility last summer!

We want to share their story with you!

A Testimonial:

I had a need to build a new shop to replace the very old and inadequate facility we had been operating in for nineteen years. I contacted Johnny Kerby from Southwest Metal Systems based on a referral. From the meeting with Johnny Kerby to meeting Adam Steck at the closing of our construction loan the Team at Southwest Metal Systems has continued to exceed my expectations. Along the way we have developed a relationship that is likened to hunting camp buddies. No matter how small or how large the detail, Johnny was always on top of it. We quickly developed a close enough relationship so I could count on Johnny to handle the details concerning a new construction building a golf car dealer just doesn’t understand. Many a phone call began with Johnny telling me had made an executive decision and my reply was ‘Johnny that’s what I hired you for, if your golf car needs repairing call me.’

Definitely one of the wisest decisions I’ve made was to trust Johnny and the Team at Southwest with my new building. I highly recommend them for any metal building project you may need. They handled every aspect of the project from start to finish. All of the subcontractors performed flawlessly. Please come and take a tour of our fine facility and see for yourself.
— Sincerely, Steve

The Project Manager for this building was Johnny Kerby.

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