A Quality Turn Key Experience

We Provide You with a Quality Turn Key Experience. 

Our Team is Eager to Build Your Dream from the Ground Up.

We have a strong relationship with contractors who provide us with quality job service. Whether you're having your foundation poured or you're having the electrical and plumbing run throughout, we only choose contractors we would trust to help build our own buildings.

We provide a complete quote that includes the dirt work, foundation, electrical, plumbing, and labor.



We are a metal building manufacturer with multiple locations serving North and East Texas. These complete quotes are available to areas throughout North and East Texas. For inquiries out of state, please ask about our Horse Barn Kits and Metal Building Options that include the cost of shipping and the collaboration with other contractors.

We look forward to building your dream.


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Southwest Metal Systems built our barn a couple of years ago and just recently finished a two-stall addition. It’s perfect and you can’t tell it wasn’t this size from the beginning. We needed a barn after moving our horses here and it is a fantastic barn – beautiful, perfectly laid out and easy to maintain.

They think of everything. I love it. Dealing with Johnny and his crew, as well as everyone else at Southwest Metal, was just wonderful. Having this barn gives me peace of mind that my horses are safe in their stalls when we have frigid or bad weather.
My horses all love their stalls as much as I do. I wanted this barn primarily for my mare who is now 31 and needs a stall when it is cold. Now, I don’t have to catch her – I open the gate and she walks straight to her stall!

I boarded my horses for years and had seen a lot of nice barns in various constructions. After we built our house, we decided to move the horse here and I started looking at barns. I had already contacted some other barn companies when I saw a billboard for AmeriStall. I discovered their location was just right down the road. I had seen their stalls and loved them.

This barn is exactly what I had in mind and I have not found a thing I would change. It is beautiful and practical. Plenty of lighting, plugs, and room in general. They pay attention to every detail! If something needs fixing, they come right back and fix it!
It would be hard for them to improve on their service. I really had no complaints at all. Johnny was great to deal with and I really appreciated him taking me to see another AmeriStall barn. He was also very knowledgeable about the product. He knew right where the plugs, lights, etc. should go! I might add that the electrician they used was awesome!
— Deborah
This project was done a little differently. The customer requested extra height for her barn. 

This project was done a little differently. The customer requested extra height for her barn. 

"Boy, once they got here, they poured on the steam. I was going to take pictures of the progress this weekend only to find they were about done. It looks great. 

I would recommend to anyone building a barn with you to consider the extra height. It really makes it feel a lot more open and airy! I really think it makes a world of difference.

It’s gorgeous! Thanks, Johnny!"



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