Project Managers: Finding Solutions for Your Steel Building

Finding someone to build your steel building shouldn't be complicated. To keep things simple, we created Project Managers who walk customers through the building process from start to finish.

Steel Buildings and horse barns

What are Project Managers?

Project Managers are your partner in the building process. They arrive on the scene as soon as you start the conversation with us.

They want to hear not only the utility purpose of your building but also the dream and function your building will serve. Are you building a shop? Want more living space? Or do you need extra storage? Understanding the purpose behind the sheets and trim will better help us add value to the design of your building and ensure it functions as you expect.

Why do we have Project Managers rather than Sales Reps?

We want to give you one person to deal with. Instead of passing paperwork from person to person, where you don’t know who to call, a Project Manager is with you throughout the whole process. They sit down with you at the initial consultation, communicate with you through the design and detail phase, arrive on-site when construction begins and stay around until we hand you the keys. That way nothing gets lost in translation. You have one person to communicate with.

Who are the Project Managers and what experience do they have?

Our Project managers have decades of experience both in the construction field and walking customers through the building process. They work at finding solutions to make your building dream a reality.

Johnny Kerby

Johnny Kerby

Johnny Kerby offices out of Mineola and serves our East Texas area.

“Being a Project Manager is more helping people decide what they need. I ask lots of questions try to get them to figure out what they want and need. It is more than just a building. It is people that have a dream. My job is about listening, asking questions, and not making promises I can't keep. I enjoy walking through the process of helping people reach their dream.”  



STEve wood

STEve wood

Steve Wood offices out of Sanger and serves the Denton County area.

“I have always thought I am assisting and advising the customer through the buying and building process more than managing a project. I want the customer to know everything I know that is pertinent to their project so they can make decisions that are best for them. From the very first meeting, I want to hear what they perceive their dream project will look like and what purpose it will serve. As soon as possible, I want to give them a budget number for what they describe, so we can either make adjustments or proceed forward with the design and size.  What I enjoy the most is seeing the smiles, not only with the last walk around with them, but every time we meet at the project to check progress. After 20 years, I still look forward to a satisfied and happy customer.”    




Do you have questions about building a steel building?

Here's how to get in touch with a Project Manager

Call our Mineola office at 903-569-8811 or Sanger office at 940-381-0191


Or to see a list of our common questions, click here.