Metal Building with Living Quarters

Contributed by: Dan Seitz

Breaking ground for your dream is very exciting! 

This straight gable metal building was built to accommodate a residential space inside.

It measures 45' x 60' x 12' with a 4:12 eave height. It includes a 12' x 60' side porch.


Interior, with insulation

Interior, with insulation

 This building will include living quarters. The customer chose to have a galvalume roof, Light Stone walls, Desert Sand wainscot, and Koko Brown trim.

Metal buildings with living quarters have become very popular over the past couple of years. We design your metal building with your dream in mind. A metal building that includes an apartment or home is not only functional and durable, they are also very cost-effective and will last a lifetime. 

Our Project Managers are eager to assist you in the building process from beginning to end. Please Download our Catalog or Request a Quote to get in touch with us and learn more about our options. 

We Look Forward to Making YOUR Dream a Reality!

NOTE: This customer chose to provide their own doors.

Here's an example of what your living space might look like from Randy's Hangar.

Please note all of the interior work for your living space will be contracted out to builders and contractors we trust.

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