Our Building Process Is Simple

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Our building process is simple. Our seasoned Project Managers make it easy for you to make those sometimes tough decisions. Because our team is dedicated to your satisfaction and the successful completion of your project from beginning to end, you can have the peace of mind that comes with Communication and Follow-up. You're never alone in the Turn Key Experience we offer. We walk you through the process from the time you reach out to us with a phone call until we come back to you for follow-up once the project has been completed.


We're the company wanting to sit down with you to map out your dream. We not only want to help you realize what your dream is, we also want to make that dream happen. The early stages of planning and decision-making can be daunting, but our team of professionals makes the process a smooth and enjoyable experience. We know how to find the best subcontractors in the area; the ones we trust to build for our own families. 


The thought of financing your dream facility can be overwhelming. We want to provide you with a free quote and insight from our seasoned Project Managers. By enabling you to really envision the cost, the benefits of using our team, and what the reality of building your dream facility will look like, we know you will be much more at peace with the options you have chosen. We're excited to look at what you can afford and help design a horse barn or metal building that fits within the parameters of your budget. 


We offer many options to help you achieve the appeal, functionality, and durability you're looking for. At Southwest Metal Systems, we believe the quality of your dream barn or building trickles down from the quality of our people. Our Project Managers have decades of experience to help you take the ideas you have for your facility and pave the path to completion. Read testimonials from our previous customers HERE.


At this point, we are handing you the key! This is so exciting! You can move in! Just envision making your new facility work for you. Imagine calling it home or your place of escape from the busyness and the noise.


Whether you're dreaming about a Raised Center Aisle Equestrian Event Center, a Backyard Horse Barn or Hobby Shop, we are your builder of choice.

Once you have moved in and you're calling it home, we want to hear your story! Your "Southwest Story" could be featured right here on our Blog!


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